In the Internet appeared the scandalous announcement of free sale difficult child

“son of a bitch is looking for new parents” — a comment to the announcement on the popular portal for online trading. But this publication is classified as “give a gift”. However, the image of someone you offer to take in good hands, puzzling.

It is quite a common child, age — similar to the schoolboy of elementary grades. Photographed in sportswear and home. However, as explained by the author of the ad, behind this smile hides a bad character. Therefore, he will give the son the “who will make him happy.”

it is Clear that before us not a giveaway kids as some kind of cruel joke. Or rather — an element of the educational process. Here only the decision to punish the child in public — called it is not the effect, which was expected. Moreover, that was precisely indicate the personal data of the city and even the neighborhood where the family lives. So now — work on the bugs, likely, expects also the parents.

the Boy, writes the author of the ad, allegedly, rude, lying. For this he was, in fact, placed in the declarations section “Other animals” under the heading “pet”.

“of Course, it is not only antipodagriceski act, but also anti-human because to submit along with things or animals the child – it is, of course, says a lot that people do not understand, is not versed in some basic values”, says Elina Harness, member of the Commission for the support of family, motherhood and childhood Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Sergei, who before this publication tried to sell silencers, power Windows and notebook, the boy in the hospital. Friend mother.

Her son described how the Amateur to steal. At the same time, doing it without respect. Senior. Man, before you turn off the phone, dryly commented on his act. “He is blackmailing the mother into hysterics, decided to teach,” briefly replied the author advermanagement.

In the list of sins for which it was decided to have a shake, entered a dislike for reading, learning. And yet — unwillingness to help around the house.

“It’s not a human coordinate system, it is not human humor. That boy badly behaved, manipulated, lied, but history is something that has taught him that someone from the family. Children are not born manipulators, are not born liars, do not begin to behave in a certain way, if you don’t behave we. It says that the boy miserable, he was lost in the gadgets – and what was he to do besides gadgets? He was invited to his parents,” asks Dmitry Zitser, doctor of pedagogical Sciences.

the Man who made the announcement said that after the publication of boy quote “silenced”. However, after publicity in the media, silenced and Sergei himself. Left St. Petersburg. To work. According to some he is working out of town.

the Ad website administration promptly blocked. Because it is quote contrary to the “norms of morality”. This story already noticed in the office of the children’s Ombudsman of Petersburg.

But law enforcement officials, in particular, the Investigative Committee began checking. The results of which competent critics rate the attempt to write a new pedagogical poem on the website ads.