In the Kuban held exercises with the participation of the newest su-25СМ3

the Latest su-25СМ3 conducted drills in the Krasnodar region. The task of crews was to destroy buried command post of the imaginary enemy. As reported STRC “Kuban” the press service of the southern military district in the training flights involved more than fifty technicians and pilots, as well as specialists services ground support operations.

the sky was raised seven aircraft. Crews have worked the skills of piloting the aircraft in mountainous areas and under difficult weather conditions. In the part of the aviation combat unit su-25СМ3 successfully conducted electronic jamming of the system of air defense imaginary enemy, and struck several ground targets, using guns and aircraft missiles.

during the winter period the crews of attack aircraft will take part in more than thirty exercises and perform about 1.5 thousand flights with the use of weapons. During the year, each pilot regiment should hold in the air for more than eighty hours.

Recall, the su-25СМ3 is a modernized version of the su-25 — armored subsonic attack aircraft, the purpose of which was direct support of ground troops on the battlefield at any time, provided direct visibility of the target and destruction of objects with predetermined coordinates in different weather conditions.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”