In the missile strike, Iran has suffered 11 of the United States military

During the shelling by Iran of US bases in Iraq January 8, suffered 11 of the U.S. military. He received a traumatic brain injury. This publication reports One Defense, citing military sources in the United States. The soldiers were taken to hospitals in Kuwait and Germany for examination and treatment.

According to a senior representative of the U.S. Department of defense, about a week after the attack, some soldiers still had “some symptoms of concussions,” reports RIA Novosti.

meanwhile, before the United States claimed that as a result of Iranian attacks one of the soldiers was not injured, as they knew about the impending strike beforehand and managed to hide in the bunker.

January 3 after a rocket attack in Iraq were killed by Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. After that, the situation in the middle East deteriorated sharply. In response, on 8 January, Iran attacked the us base Ayn al-Asad in Iraq.