In the Moscow court found a working x-ray

In the center of Moscow found the source of the radiation. Roszdravnadzor has revealed it in the yard near Myasnitskaya street. He was there a long time, and all the others who were near, had a chance to a dose of radiation.

the representatives of Roszdravnadzor eyes on a forehead have got, when they found in the heart of Moscow, tucked away in one of the courtyards on Myasnitskaya ulitsa unregistered van with x-ray installation. Moreover, the mobile laboratory without any permission does to serve clients, x-ray worked almost around the clock.

As it turned out, dangerous van in the centre of the capital brought by order of the medical center “Help” to which the Prosecutor has accumulated a lot of questions. Crooks in white coats performed medical examinations, collected the tests, which has not been processed, and traded nezaklyuchennym right and left, writing a fake reference for everyone.

“In connection with detection of signs of penal acts, the audit materials in respect of LLC “Medical center “Help” will be sent to the Prosecutor General for consideration of a question on excitation of criminal case”, — said Georgy Sokolov, acting Deputy head of territorial body Roszdravnadzora across Moscow and Moscow region.

As it turned out checks x-rays in the medical center “Help” didn’t even think to decipher because there was no appropriate professional or the license.

“due To the fact that the competent authority did not evaluate the results of the study, on the basis of these x-ray images, which were sent to the organization, the person in case of existence of cancer or of such socially dangerous diseases as tuberculosis, could be allowed to work with others,” said Georgy Sokolov.

How many patients went away deceived, not knowing about her real diagnosis, we can only guess. Van x-ray machine sealed, the medical center “Help” hastily closed.