In the Moscow elite kindergarten teacher intimidated a child to stutter

Shocking footage from the Moscow Troitsk: teacher pulls children to the toilet, bar, kids screaming. “I was very scared,” says the child. In the end he now has a serious speech disorder — severe stuttering. According to parents, a five year old son was completely healthy until then, until it gave in kindergarten. Moreover, it is one of the best and most advanced preschool institutions of the capital, where a month’s stay costs about 100 thousand rubles, and educational program includes the study of foreign languages, a variety of creative activities and much more. That’s just in this case instead of there damage a child’s psyche. And, as a consequence, a statement to the police.

the Shots speak for themselves: teacher pulls children to the toilet. Closes the first one turns off the light, then another. Then all three of them out of the frame, and what is happening there, not seen but heard baby cries.

the Video found the mother of one of children. She demanded to see the footage after the son started to stutter and complained that it was closed twice in the toilet. The doctor who examined the child, said: strong fear and, as a consequence, the neurosis.

“He is afraid of the dark, can’t sleep. He has a strong hesitation in the speech, teak. Rubs his nose and lost three kilograms,” — says Svetlana Putilova.

Expensive private kindergarten. The cost to 100 thousand per month per child. Learning of three languages, a lot of extra classes, personal approach. Educator Olga (she closes the children in the toilet) teaches English, but language in common with them, apparently, is not found. That day the boys had a fight, noisy and kindergarten were punished with solitary confinement.

Here’s how the incident explains the head of the institution (the record did mother Svetlana Putilova): “the Two of them. And one can bring. Not that they do not want to do anything they wanted, they bludgeoned each other. She says: Yes, of course I then realized, I don’t know that I was onalong.”

“I don’t know what came over me” is the head of a kindergarten retells the words of the teacher and asks his mother not to cheat.

Svetlana Putilova: Can she accept it in the education of their children?

the head of the kindergarten: I would not cheat.

Svetlana Putilova: But we can’t rule it out.

the head of the kindergarten: I talked to her. She will be fined.

Svetlana Putilova: a variant of the “suspended” are you considering?

the head of the kindergarten: No, at the moment not considered.

However, soon after this conversation, the teacher still got fired. According to the lawyer, which helps Svetlana Putilova, says this was a belated — a woman who worked with children did not have teacher education violations. And indeed at the kindergarten, according to Mary Zolotkovskaya, not one such violation.

“I have Not concluded contracts with parents. Payment was made in cash. I heard that there is no license for educational institutions. They consider themselves a preschool with additional education, supposedly the license they do not need. The teacher no education teacher”, lists the lawyer Maria Zolotkovskaya.

So, probably, with children there are working people incompetent, what kind of teaching methods can be discussed.

“It’s not the methods, it’s just a mockery. Method is when an adult can resolve the conflict in a better way. And this is not a method, it’s emotional breakdown in the adult. I believe that raising children, especially little ones, this is the hard work. It is difficult in terms of moral exposure,” explains Anfisa Kalistratova, child and adolescent psychologist.

Moral exposure is not enough. Now the child’s psychological problems, and in kindergarten and teacher — in law. Business are already interested and the Investigative Committee.