In the Moscow zoo were born chick rare black storks

At the Moscow zoo were born chick rare black stork. He hatched on may 2 and now the official blog of the zoo in Instagram appeared first on video with him.

As noted by zoologists, chick healthy and active, he already begins to appear black feathers on the wings. However, disturbance of birds, to weigh the baby, zoo staff have not yet become. Black storks are afraid of people and are secretive way of life.

for a Long time in the Moscow zoo was not black storks, and here are a couple of birds not just living in the zoo, and began to multiply.

“what happened to achieve their breeding – a big success the Department of ornithology,” – said the zoo.

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Publish from the Moscow zoo (@moscow_zoo_official) 7 Jun 2020 11:57 PDT

the Black stork is a rare and very secretive bird. Unlike its closest relative, the white stork, it keeps always away from the man, settling in remote, hard to reach places. Listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation, Belarus and some other countries.