In the new series

Director of the film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” Boris Mashkovtsev said that in the new series “Nu, pogodi!” Wolf will not to smoke, and its image will be formed with the help of other characters.

According to him, in those series, which is now coming up with stories, “the Wolf does not smoke anything.” Mashkovtsev added that “it’s not Smoking, and what kind of information about the character must announce,” reports RIA Novosti.

He also said that the General formula of the cartoon will continue, but some details will change because of the development of the cartoon now other people work.

in addition, the “Soyuzmultfilm” presented images of three new characters “Nu pogodi!” — Tim badger, hedgehog Shu and ROE street.

it is Planned to produce not less than 52 episodes, the first of which will be released this year. The animated series will be created in the format of a quasi-3D.