In the Novgorod region the ceremony of the burial of the remains of the victims of fascism

in the Novgorod region In the framework of the Federal project “Without a limitation period” has passed mourning ceremony of burial of the remains of more than five hundred victims of the Nazi occupiers. They were found and identified by search engines.

a birch grove a few kilometers from the village of Tin can hill. Trees with red armbands. Each tree in honor of one who died in the war of civilians.

One of those whose remains are found here — Ivan Lygin, a resident of the village Barsky Cusani 10 miles away. He was shot punitive denounced by a fellow villager, sided with the Nazis.

“he was taken, brought here, in a Tin Slide, put in a cold bath, he was there some time spent. Then he was shot,” says the great — granddaughter of Ivan Klygina Irina chadina.

large-Scale project “Without a limitation period” initiated by the President, began in the spring of last year. Join in one after the other Russian regions and Pskov, and Bryansk, and Leningrad oblast, but it started in the Novgorod land. In the quarry near the village of Tin can Hill, according to historians, the search engines, to witnesses, in the first years of war were tortured more than three thousand people. The thugs of the SS dealt here with the civilians. Today, many of the victims found peace.

521 people; they were brought here from the neighbouring villages. 188 children: more than fifty quite kids up to five years. Gender and age many people, forensics is not yet established.

They were not just killed — scoffed at them; stabbed with bayonets, beaten with rifle butts. Often in the firing pits were the whole family.

“When I was here last year, saw the remains of small children — nothing worse can not be — said the Governor of the Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin. — Today is a very important day. People who were brutally thrown into the pit, will be humanely buried.”

the names of the 53 dead are identified, but worksand, started last spring, almost at the very start and search (the forces of the expedition “Valley”), and archival, and forensic in the criminal case on the fact of genocide. Erected a memorial, part of its ready, but one where the lie of the peace offerings, remains to be done — there will be both a Museum and a monument “Grieving mother”, a cross and a chapel.

“what’s happening here today is the beginning of a great deal of hard work to preserve the memory. Because it is important that every citizen understand this tragedy. It is a place where, I hope, will come not only to commemorate but also to learn to remember,” — says Elena Tsoneva, Executive Secretary of the Russian public movement “Search movement of Russia”.

learn to remember — in this I see the main point of the project “Without time limitation” is to talk about the fact that the war killed not only soldiers, but civilians, and that the cruelty of the Nazis did not know of any races or ages.