In the Penza region have learned to recycle waste by means of insect

In the Penza region have worked out how to recycle waste without harming the environment. For disposal the larvae of insects. To develop a unique methodology and implementation took several years.

Meet black Livenka. Tropical Diptera, which live in Russia only here in the country’s only enterprise industrial farming insects. Use them to dispose of food waste — this idea in the modern world is literally in the air. To production technologies it brought the resident of SKOLKOVO, an international biotech company “Encopretic”.

this company is somewhat similar to the footage sci-Fi movie. In fact, the idea of using insects for the organic waste offered to scientists in the Soviet time. But to realize it happened only now, decades later.

Initially, the main purpose of biotechnology was to find insects, totally harmless to humans. As a black Livenka. The first batch of laboratory insects brought from South America. In four years, experts were able to create such conditions in which the insects feel at home.

During this time invented and patented about a dozen know-how. “In the process of development of technology, it was decided a large number of serious scientific problems. To make the conditions as close to the spring in the South American tropics. And to make insects believe they are not in the Penza region, and somewhere near the Amazon was the most difficult for us”, — said General Director of the biotechnological company “Encopretic” Ivan Sokolov.

the larvae of the enterprise become the main “biological techs”. They are ready to process any organic matter. Today, for example, their lunch will be leftovers of chocolates. Waste from the food and agricultural industry on the “Encopretic” today bring largerlarge enterprises of Russia, the restaurants and the network.

Insects are helping people to unload landfills. On a global scale this means a reduction of landfill and emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Now the plant is processed up to 15 tons of organic waste per day. After your period, larvae turn into popular products. Solid dry insects are a favorite treat poultry and fish, feed additives used in professional livestock, and entomological fat in cosmetics. Starting with a complex scientific experiment, a Russian biotechnological company in terms of production today is among the ten largest companies in the world.

“In recent years in the Penza region are successfully developing innovative enterprises. The company “Encopretic” — a clear confirmation. The company uses modern innovative technology. Actually, I believe that biotechnology is our future. It is important for us because it concerns environmental issues. In the Penza region we will support the development of such enterprises. For us it is very important,” — said the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev.

the “Antiprotease” has adopted a decision to increase production capacity, which will allow to process up to 50 tons of organic matter per day. The plans for the next 10 years — construction of 8 such plants and the expansion of the project abroad.