In the period of self-isolation in Russia were more likely to steal

Insurers have called the most stolen car brands in may is the Kia Optima, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Tucson. Compared with April, it also added the brand Lexus.

In General in April and may, when operated restrictive measures because of the coronavirus, the number of stealings has decreased in 2 times in comparison with February-March, told RIA Novosti Director of underwriting and product management of the insurance company “the Consent” Andrey Kovalev.

According to the insurers, return to the same level of losses in motor insurance will only happen in a few months.

“Statistics of the loss returns to previous values within 3-4 months,” says head of product management and marketing of the company “MAX” Evgeny Popkov.

as for car theft, then return to the average rates that were in the last six months prior to the quarantine, will only happen by September, confident in AlfaStrakhovanie.