In the Perm region for everyone

In the town of Berezniki (Perm region) the abandoned mortuary building is literally open to all comers. This drew the attention of one of the local residents.

a blood chilling discovery Karina Soboleva told in one of the groups in social network “Vkontakte”, dedicated to the accident in Berezniki, attaching relevant photos. According to her, in the former pathology Department can anyone go, since there are no obstacles in this. Judging by the pictures, on the floor of the building scattered registers of unclaimed corpses, forms of medical certificate of death, the skull in packages, coffins, exhibits pathological Museum.

the author of the post claims that one of the premises of an abandoned building include persons without permanent residence, there are mugs, ashtrays, bottles and wherever there is dirt. Sobolev asked a question, why this phenomenon is not controlled. According to her, the hazardous waste class “B” is free to access for all.

the Correspondent of “New city newspaper” visited on Monday, January 13, in the former case No. 13 Berezniki hospital. He said that by the morning of the anatomical body was removed most of the exhibits. Currently, according to the journalist, press center of Berezniki’s hospital is preparing an official statement.

the press service of hospital of a name of Wagner, on which balance there is an abandoned building, explained that previously in the housing of the pathoanatomical Department and the Bureau of forensic medical examination. Then there have arranged pathological Museum. When the building decayed, the Museum moved to another room, but some things left in the building, according to URA.RU. The Ministry also said that the facility is under the supervision of the guards, but he occasionally illegally penetrate foreign.

it is Worth noting that the author of the post in your message also reminded that from the morgue bullies have been abducted the mummy of the baby.