In the Samara region allowed the tour but fitness while buried

Cafes and restaurants began to receive visitors in Samara. Children’s camps are preparing to conduct the first shift. And fitness clubs are awaiting discovery.

Today in the kitchen of 12 chefs for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic. Newly opened cafes offer visitors their new summer menu. “It was difficult to sit at home. But we finally waited and now have a rest”, — says Vladislav Smirnov, the inhabitant of Samara.

According to the new decree of the Governor of the Samara region in the cafes and restaurants are now open not only summer terrace, but also the internal halls. However, they work under special conditions. “If the room is 100 square meters, respectively, then divide by 4 and you can put 25 people maximum, we the tables are not cleaned separately. But put flowers somewhere not specifically put to a distance of 1.5 meters between the guests,” says Rashid Salyukov, co-founder of the grad cafe “Pasternak”.

the Region returned to normal life. Today begins the booking of places in children’s camps. This year the morning in the “Volzanka” will start with measuring temperature. Instead of four shifts this summer in children’s camps will take only two, the season will start from July 15. “The camp annually per shift rested for 175 children this year only 120 to comply with all sanitary-epidemiological norms”, — says Yulia Fedorova, Director of DOL “Volzhanka”.

the children all ready. Equipped and staff rooms. For security purposes, during shifts, the camp will operate in the mode of the Observatory. 21 days to go beyond the territory would be prohibited, even employees. “We need this position to enter, it’s our job, but our children also need to relax in the summer period”, — says Elena vargova, production Manager DOL “Volzhanka”.

Now in Samara allowed and excursions. However, in the open air. For example, the story of the building of the Samara Church can only be heard outside. WMOsd inside groups is not allowed.

Revives and tourism in the Samara region. Today tours are conducted in small groups. Routes a lot of the program drawn up for the entire July. “This is the most beautiful point: boat trips in Shiryaevo, valiant barrow. All this beauty that is located outside of the city available to the public, and we want to show residents and guests of the city,” says Katherine Revinskiy, the head of the Agency of non-standard tours “resort City”.

In the Samara region announced the cancellation of high alert. The incidence rate in the region is three times less than the national average. If the epidemiological situation will continue to improve in mid-July will be able to access cinemas and fitness centers.