In the sea of Okhotsk continues to burn the trawler Enigma Astralis

Night explosion with strong flash on the burning in the Okhotsk sea trawlers Enigma Astralis, on Board of which is fuel.

Fishing trawler caught fire on January 21. At this time he was on the fishery in the Okhotsk sea, 130 kilometers from Magadan.

All 47 crew members were evacuated to the nearest floating base. No one was injured, TASS reports.

of Rosmorrechflot, said the evening of 21 January that the ship appeared again, open burning, fuel on Board continues to constitute a threat.

There is speculation that the fire may continue in the engine room.

because of the danger the crew of the rescue ship ice class “Siberian” which is the day before approached the trawler “Enigma Astralis”, does not proceed to its suppression.

the fact of the fire on the trawler the check is conducted by the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office.