In the sit room noted positive dynamics COVID-19

the Daily increase of cases of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation amounted to 8.98 thousands of cases, from the data of the operational headquarters, released the day before. New 1 714 contracted the identified in Moscow, 730 in the Moscow region, 320 in the Sverdlovsk region. For 11 consecutive days daily gain does not exceed 9 thousand, while remaining within the 8.4—8.9 thousand. Growing up in Russia was 511 423 case of a coronavirus infection. According to the Johns Hopkins University, Russia the number of new cases is in third place in the world after the United States (2.02 million) and Brazil (802 thousand). In fourth place was India (297,5 thousand), the fifth moved to the UK (291,9 thousand).

In Moscow on Friday, according to the operational headquarters, was 1714 new cases COVID-19 per day, 49 people died, recovered 2255. The prevalence of infection in Moscow on Friday continued to fall, now at 0.76. It clarifies that more than 40.7% of new cases of coronavirus in Moscow under 45 years of age, children accounted for 5.2%.

Specified that a day died in 183 patients (from the beginning of the pandemic – thousands of 6.72). The total number of deaths is 1.3% of all infections in Russia. In Moscow the day he died, 49 patients, 41 in St. Petersburg, 22 in the Moscow region.

the Number of survivors per day for patients in Russia diagnosed with the coronavirus, amounted to 8220 persons, according to oberstab. The total number recovered in Russia reached 269 370 people. Most recovered patients discharged in Moscow – 2 255 people In the suburbs – 768 in Saint-Petersburg – 412.