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In the Smolensk region revealed manufacturers Snykov

In the Smolensk region revealed manufacturers Snykov

Dangerous hobby. Sanitary inspectors preliminary results of activities in the fight against susami. Snus – is-nicotine drug, also called smokeless tobacco. The raids of the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the region together with the Ministry of internal Affairs has found violations in four companies. Instituted administrative proceedings. Employers will pay penalties.

Snuse look like tobacco candy, which contains huge amount of nicotine that is quickly absorbed in the body if it lay behind the lip. Alex Belyankin, chief of UNK UMVD of Russia across the Smolensk region, said: “At first use nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and on the lower lip appear burned”.

Sergei Rogalski, chief state sanitary physician of the Smolensk region, comments: “one candy “snus” contains such a number of nicotine that it can become fatal. They say that a drop of nicotine kills a horse, one snus kills a man.”

In Roslavl, the baby died, which, according to some, breathing gas, and then took snus. What was the cause of cardiac arrest the boy, which stated forensic, gas or snus, or all together, to figure out during the examination, which will last a few weeks.

this Problem is indeed relevant. Sayad Khalilov shares: “my son is studying in 8th class, said, “Dad, everyone in the pocket is what it’s called snus”. Each child has. Well, as it is necessary to state some kind of control to create, you can’t.”

Medical doctors at the request of the Moscow colleagues also searched the city’s manufacturer-nicotine mixture. In the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor received a document stating that chewy candy, according to some, produces a businessman living in the village Anastasio Smolensk region. It turned out that he was registered as an individual entrepreneur, but is a straw man because this man lead antisocial lifestyle and abusing alcohol.

check the locations of sales continues, informs GTRK “Smolensk”.

Text: GTRK “Smolensk”

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