In the state Duma proposed to establish a register of chronic alcoholics

“This resonant case touched everyone. All knew that this man was drinking. Accident with Ephraim should be the last straw.” These are the words of a state Duma Deputy Alexander Petrov, who recommended amendments to the draft Federal register of citizens with chronic diseases.

a Document to approve the plan and, accordingly, to turn to the current law by the end of July. However, the list of most chronic diseases it is not yet approved. And that’s just the initiative of the MP Petrov — be sure to include alcoholism and drug addiction.

Alexander Petrov believes that a database of people with addiction would help “avoid a lot of accidents.” And particularly in a situation with Mikhail Efremov — stopped would be drunk driving with tragic consequences. Because to get behind the wheel, being a defendant in a registry of chronic alcoholics, he couldn’t have.

Sounds logical. But here the question is: how to distinguish a systematic drinker, prone to reckless acts, from someone who drinks moderately? And would these two categories to distinguish?

In the state Duma after the accident with Efremov proposed to include alcoholics in the register of patients-chronically ill. So, to create a single registry of alcoholics Russia that they could not risk other people’s lives on the roads. The idea seems to be utopian. But this is only at first glance.

the author of the initiative proposes to use to search for alcohol dependent medical examinations. In Russia it is free and voluntary. But many professionals are forced to pass it with a certain periodicity. Moreover, examinations of people send when applying for the job. So the coverage will be quite broad.

Doctors say: if a list of doctors participating in the survey, really, to add a psychiatrist, to identify the fan to attach to the bottle will be easy. In drunken alcoholics are literally written on his face. And those who just drink regularly gives blood: it is formed CCAby the enzyme transferrin.

“even If he comes to the doctor, and the doctor will not see any visual manifestations, if the level of this enzyme reaches a certain level in the blood, then the man to work. He can’t issue a driver’s license,” explains psychiatrist-narcologist, candidate of medical Sciences Konstantin Polichenko.

However, the initiative obviously still a bit “raw”. She’s got issues. The figures for the “drunken” accidents in Russia practically do not change. In 2015, the total number of such accidents keeps at level of 15 thousand a year. But how do we know that all who fall into the statistics — the binge drinkers?

it is not necessarily every day, “pour the collar” to be a threat on the road. If you drink a teetotaler — he, too, will not be able to get behind the wheel. Experts say: of course, obviously sick people total testing will help to remove from the road. But at the root will not solve the problem.

Not everyone who drinks alcohol, irresponsible people. Most people even tipsy manages to retain sense enough not to drive. But it turns out that under the harsh hammer of medical stigmatization will fall and they are: you still did not commit, and are punished.

“Most of them are not inclined to commit not just accidents, and crimes in an alcohol intoxication. Absolutely impossible to ascribe alkogolizatsii to the restriction of rights. Do not follow one from the other. A totally unpopular idea, that nothing good will not. In General, while the initiative is called, “raw”, — said the lawyer, avtoyurist Alexander Belenko.

There are other ways to prevent drunk driving. Purely technical. So, in several European countries, drivers who had previously caught consuming alcohol, as well as professionals in machine set special “alcolocks”. To start the engine, wellmust first blow into the tube. And, say, the Chinese went even further: there, if he can’t control it, you will see a “big brother”. In one of the provinces of China are developing a system for identifying drunk drivers on the road, in the face. Such are the alternatives list.