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In the Stavropol region and in the Sverdlovsk region launched a new program of cancer detection

In the Stavropol region and in the Sverdlovsk region launched a new program of cancer detection

In the regions of Russia have become much easier to identify the cancer and to overcome them at an early stage. New opportunities have emerged from doctors in the framework of the national project “Health”. How has the work of doctors in the Stavropol region and in the Sverdlovsk region?

For the patient the result negative. Such joyous conversations in this office just six months, became more. The admission to the first center outpatient cancer treatment residents of Kislovodsk and the two major areas of the Stavropol territory.

“Previously, you had to wait two more weeks recording in the Oncology clinic, and we have the necessary week and then the medical Commission, how to start treatment”, — says Anna Krasnova, head of Department of COAP in Kislovodsk.

Barely exhale patient file, x-rays already in the computers of specialists. A unit of functional diagnostics is one of the novelties of the centre in the Stavropol region. Seriously expanded the Arsenal of modern tools of the Ural colleagues. The national project “Health” in the Sverdlovsk oncologic dispensary opened a new branch. In a short time here define the strategy of the fight against cancer.

“Many types of minimally invasive diagnostic procedures cannot be performed as an outpatient in the clinic. Drainage of the abdominal cavity, chest wall, biopsy under ultrasound navigation, diagnostic laparoscopy, intravascular intervention – all these manipulations require hospitalization and monitoring the patient’s condition, moreover some of them are performed under General anesthesia,” explains Yevgeny Kiselyov, head of the Department of the Sverdlovsk regional Oncology center.

This branch of the Sverdlovsk oncologic dispensary seriously unloaded fellow surgeons. For other patients help became faster. This is one of the great tasks of the national programme to combat onoko diseases. These new offices and outpatient care centers the first steps on this difficult path. Early diagnosis is the key to success. Doctors vyigralayut importantly, have a serious illness — time and therefore give more chances to patients.

Another feature of a modern centre — a small doctor’s office, but it is near the operating room. It is immediately after diagnosis, a simple but fast manipulations preclude further development of the disease. Each such center reduces and even eliminates the way to provincial or regional capital. And it’s hundreds of kilometers of roads and dozens of hours.

by the end of this year, similar centers will open in two major cities in the region. Specialized medical help is close at hand.