In the territory of the combine plant in Tula there was an ecological disaster

In Tula there was a spill of fuel oil. The details of the ecological disaster has told on air “Russia 1” correspondent GTRK “Tula” Anastasia October .

this Summer is rainy, so the puddles of the region’s residents difficult to surprise. But those that are iridescent in the sun, people probably saw for the first time.

On the territory of the former Tula combine plant profit environmentalists. Environmental troops took samples of the air and soil. The Prosecutor’s office began checking.

“If to assess the scale of emergency, the territory in poor condition. Almost stains of oil products. They emerge from the tanks. It is seen that the soil everywhere is saturated with oil. I suppose it has a minimum of 2 class of danger” – said the environmental Prosecutor of Narhan Ahmadov.

the Verdict a week after receiving the test results. Professionals will have to determine whether you have exceeded the allowable levels of soil contaminants. In the near future will also have to conduct a General cleaning of the poisoned site. The test in this fact will be monitored by the regional Governor and the Ministry of ecology and natural resources.

“Maintenance of these tanks was completed in 1979. We will deal with this issue, carry out disinfection and decontamination of the soil. This incident will not remain without attention. Now looking for hostinterface. Apparently, when you stop combine plant she became an orphan”, — said the head of the Proletarian district Sergei Shestakov.

Note that the perimeter of the former plant there is a concrete fence with barbed wire, and at the entrance – the guard post and the gate.

Text: GTRK “Tula”