In the Tomsk region have found a medieval statue of a beaver

a resident of the Tomsk region have found the bronze statue of a beaver in the early middle ages. A rare artifact is dated to 6 – 9th centuries. At the moment the find was transferred to the branch of the regional Museum in the City, reports GTRK “Tomsk”.

the press service of the regional administration said that the staff of the Committee for the protection of cultural heritage and specialist of the Russian Ministry of culture archaeologist Dmitry Rybakov held a joint inspection of the object. This year it is planned to conduct field work.

“Archaeologists must identify the boundaries of the object of cultural heritage. This procedure is necessary to make a monument in the Unified state register of cultural heritage objects and assigning it the status of object of Federal value. According to historical records, in the area of the discovery of the unique figures had been located the burial ground,” – said the Chairman of the Committee Elena Peretyagina.

Recall that because of the danger of predatory excavations, the Committee adopted the measures contributing to the preservation of valuable areas. Under article 243.2 of the criminal code “Search and seizure of archaeological objects from the place of occurrence on the earth’s surface, carried out without a permit” violators can receive up to two years in prison.

Text: GTRK “Tomsk”