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In the Tyrolean mountains descended three avalanches in a row

In the Tyrolean mountains descended three avalanches in a row

Three avalanches, one after another fell on the ski resort Ankogel-Mallnitz in Austria. Ski resort in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia is closed. Search the victims were two helicopters. The Russians were not injured, assured the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Vienna Lev Terekhov.

All the victims were found, reports TASS. Their lives and health is not in danger.

Fourth grade level of avalanche risk has been declared in the West of Austria 24 December 2019. The threat of a descent of snow masses hung over the most popular Tyrolean resorts. It is forbidden for skiing and snowboarding, as any movement in the snow on the slopes can lead to the formation of avalanches.

In the ski resort of Andermatt in the last three days have dropped a lot of snow. There is also the avalanche came down. Skiers and snowboarders were trying to get out from under the impact snowpack, but not all succeeded. The snow on the surface had managed to raise two of the victims. They are directed to the hospital. Involved in the rescue mission dog trainers, search and emergency hospitalization of people involved helicopters.

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