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In the United States introduced the “impossible pork” for vegetarians and not only

In the United States introduced the "impossible pork" for vegetarians and not only

In the world there are more companies creating “alternative meat” from a test tube. One of them is called Impossible Foods (“Impossible products”).

the meatless meatloaf this American startups that already have a lot of fans around the world – in many respects thanks to cooperation with well-known restaurant chains.

Not so long ago, Impossible Foods has announced a partnership with a global giant in the field of fast food chain Burger King. For its partners the company has developed a hamburger from a test tube.

To the new Patty looked like meat producers used gems – compounds containing iron. They are found in various quantities in all living organisms, but is particularly rich in gemami muscles of animals. These compounds (composed of skeletal muscle protein, myoglobin) gives the meat a distinctive taste and color.

the Scientists of the company Impossible Foods genetically design and fermented yeast to obtain similar to myoglobin protein, an analogue of which is contained in plants, and is called soy leghemoglobin.

Then these compounds are mixed with common meat substitutes such as potato and wheat protein. The result is beef, taste like beef.

But the ambitious start-up didn’t stop there.

the company said it used technology for the production of “pork the impossible”.

“Impossible pork” suitable for making any dishes from minced meat.Photo Impossible Foods.

the Creators emphasize: “impossible pork” contains no hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol and gluten which many people are allergic.

In one portion of this “meat” (approximately 113 grams) contains 16 grams of protein and three milligrams of iron. The total fat is 13 grams, and saturated fat – 7 grams. Meanwhile, in conventional pork about the same Belka, less iron and more fat. In addition, meat from animals contains cholesterol and is much more nutritious.

“Impossible pork” can be steamed, baked in the oven, fry in a pan on the coals and grill. It is suitable for making any dishes from minced meat (sausages, cutlets, meatballs, dumplings, pancakes and so on).

the Innovative “meat” debuts in the shape of a sausage. In addition, pork from the tube will be the main ingredient “Impossible croissandwich”, which is already in the end of this month will be served in 139 restaurants, fast food network Burger King in the United States.

“Impossible croissandwich” will be included in the menu of the fast food network Burger King.Photo Impossible Foods.

Representatives of Impossible Foods emphasize that despite the popularity of beef in the world, in many countries (e.g. in Asia) the traditional and most common dishes are pork.

However, the market of meat from the tube, this segment is empty: the main producers ‘ share relies on beef and chicken.

“Impossible Foods has cracked the molecular code of meat, starting with beef, which is popular in the American market. Now we are accelerating the expansion of our product range. We will not stop until we do not eliminate the need for animal meat and will not make the global food system sustainable,” said founder and CEO of Impossible Foods Patrick O’reilly brown (Patrick O’reilly Brown).

Its new product the company introduced at the International consumer electronics show (Consumer Electronics Show), held annually in January in Las Vegas.

the Journalists who were lucky enough to try different dishes from “impossible pork”, praised the quality of the product. One of the tasters said that the “meat” looked amazing and tasted like real pork, the only difference forwere excluded in the texture.

Representative publications Gizmodo noted that pork out of the tube was not as fat as usual. But a journalist from the BBC, paying tribute to the taste of the product, also admitted that after tasting feel well-fed for a relatively short time.

we Add that the meat from the tube is kosher and Halal food, i.e. it can be used for those who adhere to Jewish and Islamic faith. In addition, the new variety to a vegetarian diet.

Another obvious advantage is that the use of “pork without the meat” eliminates health risks associated with the spread of swine flu, African swine fever and other viral diseases.

But the main goal of all companies, creating meat from a test tube, to reduce the impact of meat industry on the environment, as well as to simplify the manufacturing processes of many products.

Representatives of the startup Impossible Foods noted that today all existing buildings, roads and paved areas is less than 2% of the Earth’s surface. Meanwhile, more than 45% of the land is used for grazing and growing feed crops.

According to the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, to satisfy the appetites of mankind, in average, every second manufacturers kill 47 pigs.

the production of pork has serious consequences for the environment, including the depletion of natural resources and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

So, industrial enterprises emit excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus in the environment. And many of the micronutrients (e.g. copper and zinc), which are fed to pigs to speed up growth and subsequently accumulate in the soil. Feces and other waste pollute the air and water with toxic particles.

So my main goal of the company Impossible Foods is to satisfy global demand of mankind for meat with little impact on the environment.

by the Way, before “Conduct.Science”( talked about the world’s first laboratory-steak.

we Also reported the creation of the first regulatory framework in this area: to regulate the production of meat out of the tube going to the US authorities.

Text: To.Science

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