In the Urals city in the five story building occurred cotton gas one person was injured

In the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region in the five-storey building occurred cotton gas. As a result of the incident injured the woman. About the incident, the media reported the head of the press service of the interior Ministry in the region Valery Burnt.

it is reported that the incident occurred at 4:50 local time (2:50 Moscow time) in a Studio apartment in a five-storey panel house at the address Privokzalnaya ulitsa, 24. Fortunately, there were no subsequent fire. The victim in the incident, the local resident was taken to the hospital with the diagnosis “closed cherepno-a brain trauma, a brain concussion and alcoholic intoxication.”

In the apartment where the incident occurred, fixed partial destruction of the bearing wall, broken Windows. From the house were evacuated 35 people. Threats of destruction of homes, reports RIA Novosti.

currently at the scene staffed emergency, police, ambulance. Conducted a thorough inspection of all premises. Until the end of the proceedings in the house blocked gas equipment.

According to the cotton occurred from-for careless handling of gas equipment, said Valery Burnt.