In the US, explained why Russia should fear NATO intervention

Russia has reason to fear NATO intervention, says the American writer Peter Suciu. In the article “History tells us why Russia fears invasion of NATO,” June 9 in the journal the National Interest, he writes that in recent centuries the country was attacked by Germany, Sweden, Poland, France and even the United States. The expert recalled that in 1918 the American military was in Russia and fought against the Bolsheviks, although initially was to prevent the German offensive during the First world war.

Cicio said that now the Americans are in the majority can be considered a threat for Russia, NATO far-fetched. However, Moscow has long locks with a high level of military activity of the Alliance on its borders. Earlier the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff Colonel-General Sergey rudskoy said that in the last two months significantly increased the number of flights of American strategic bombers near the borders of the Russian Federation. Far first US aircraft flew over the territory of Ukraine. The growing activity of NATO in the Arctic. For the first time since the collapse of the USSR in the Barents sea exercises were held of the detachment of combat ships of the United Navy of NATO.

Therefore, Moscow is reinforcing its army and Navy, regularly holds military exercises, and developing new military equipment, including tanks T-14 “Armata” and the underwater supersonic missiles. “It is not surprising that the Russian bear is sharpening claws…that kind of military equipment can not be considered as their offensive potential, but rather as a deterrent to ensure that Russia does not face another invasion from the West”, — concluded Suciu.