In the US school teacher has filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines because of an emergency, the dumping of the fuel

In the US, primary school teacher, filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines, whose plane dumped jet fuel over the town Cudahy (California). The incident injured about 60 people. It is reported broadcaster CNN.

As specified, the lawsuit was filed in the superior court of the County of Los Angeles. Teachers accuse the airline that its pilots were not warned dispatchers that the emergency landing plan to get rid of excess fuel. The result of the incident several people were inflicted physical and mental damage, reminds TASS. The plaintiffs demand that the company pay damages to the victims. The size of payments is not specified.

as a result of the investigation, the experts at the Federal aviation administration came to the conclusion that the crew of the ship, reporting to the managers about the emergency situation on Board had not requested permission to dump fuel. The plaintiffs insist that if the request was made public, the plane would be sent to another airport, and the fuel would be dumped in an unpopulated area and at a safe height.

January 14, the plane of airline Delta Air Lines, which was flying from Los Angeles to Shanghai, some time after the flight has set off the alarm and went back to the airport. To reduce the weight of the aircraft before boarding was required dumping fuel. The result of the incident injured students and teachers of four primary schools in the town Cudahy near Los Angeles.