In the village crumbling house, built 25 years ago

In the village of Cold destruction of the Foundation of a house built 25 years ago. The Prosecutor’s office began check, the results of which will be evaluated the work of local authorities and public utilities of the village.

the five-storey building was put into operation in 1995. As the head of the Susumansky district of the city Alexander Lobov, layout and metric area of apartments in the house comfortable, but the supports of the building were unreliable.

From the emergency home were accommodated 18 families, reports GTRK “Magadan”. Most went to temporary residence with relatives, two families were placed in school, some in a hostel at the farm.

the Head of the municipal district Alexander Lobov said: “Today, waiting for specialists from Magadan, including representatives of the Fund of capital repair and construction Ministry. They must determine the strength of concrete. If we can do it the cost of restoration of the pile field, this is another story. If the conclusion that the house is beyond repair, then we will think”.

Text: GTRK “Magadan”