In the village near Syzran homemade goat invented new traffic rules

the village at Syzran homemade goat fancies himself a police inspector. Any passing on the way the car it is trying to stall. Drivers have to look for ways of a detour.

residents of the village Uvarovka, Syzran in the area claim to be the goat all day walking freely. The owner of the animal may not know. The goat stubbornly dictates the rules of the road on a country road.

Eyewitnesses said STRC “Samara”, that seemingly innocent white goat munching grass, when approaching the car gets in the way and not miss. Attempts to ward off its signal horn or shouting in vain. “Maybe waiting for a bribe”, — says passing.

anyway, to cope with a pet no one has, so gardeners prefer to avoid this insidious plot.

Text: GTRK “Samara”