In the Vladimir region cast the first bell for the main temple of the Armed Forces

Vladimir bell rings in the main Church of the Russian Armed Forces in Kubinka. In the family workshop in the village Volginsky petushinskiy district, cast the first 3 bells small bell tower.

a Long, pure and clear. Voices vol’ginskiy bells not to be confused with any other. After hitting the length of the sound — more than 40 seconds. No wonder the perfection and variety of this music in Russia called a special kind of prayer. Belfry with 7 bells made by local craftsmen will now appear in the main Church of the Russian Armed Forces, built on public donations. According to Director of the bell workshop of Igor Lukyanov, the oldest fishery products must return in all the churches of the country.

“We decided to give the gift of our belfry — the belfry from “Volginsky of a bell”. This is a small belfry, it can be mobile and will be located at the bottom of the temple,” said STRC “Vladimir” Director bell workshop Igor Lukyanov.

Volginsky bells cast by Russian classical technology from bell bronze. First, waskowski made a wax model, then it is converted into gypsum false bell, which the original cast — alloy of copper and tin. The proportions should be accurate to the bell sounded and didn’t crack. The sound of each of them never repeated.

“Doing it in wax, all the patterns are made of wax, and to cleave to this kind of paste special,” says master Voskovec Tatiana Ardalionovna.

“we take Wax Church candle, then they added their ingredients, which make it more elastic and of a different color” — added the artist-vaskovic Alexander Druzhinin.

Bell, born in the heart of Russia, will absorb all the power of the sacred places. Bishop Alexander and Yuriev-Polsky innocent lit workshops in which people, according to him, doing a clean and bOgorodnik case.

“Burning, proper, professional, labor, well the Russian man is always there, but the chimes loves warmth, simplicity and purity. Guys they do, they are,” said Bishop Alexander Yuriev-Polish Bishop Innokenty.

Now Volginsky the bell tower, donated to the main temple of the Russian army will not only bring joy to the parishioners, but also to protect them. People in all times believed in the power of bell-ringing, which is able to ward off trouble.

Text: GTRK “Vladimir”