Summer is here and the temperatures in the home office, bedroom and other living areas are rising. If you want to cool rooms without putting in a lot of effort, you’ve come to the right place: we’ll tell you which tricks and devices you can use to keep a cool head and at the same time ignore particularly power-hungry air conditioning models.

Just in time for the first heat wave of the year, various air conditioners and fans have been significantly reduced even before Prime Day. If you are looking for a cool down, you should not miss these offers.

Evaporative coolers* are a popular alternative to expensive and energy-guzzling air conditioning systems, which can also ensure a healthy working and room climate. Because: The devices not only cool the environment, they also clean and humidify the air. Such devices can be of great use, especially for allergy sufferers who do not want to let pollen blow around their nose from fans.

The principle of such models is simple: They draw in the air in the room, clean it and return the air to the environment via a distributor connected to a water tank. This enriches the air with moisture so that it is perceived as pleasant and refreshing. The big advantage is that these small air conditioners can – like fans – also be used outside on the balcony or terrace, while real air conditioners are limited to closed rooms for reasons of efficiency.

A 4-in-1 device is the model from KESSER* with efficiency class A: It works as a cooler, dehumidifier, fan and fan. A cheap 3-in-1 solution is the TROTEC PAE Aircooler*, which can be used as an air cooler, fan and air freshener at the same time. It is therefore suitable both for cooling off in summer and for air purification in winter.

Whether summer or winter – the Dyson Pure Cool* is a good purchase for the summer: the device has a fan function for pleasant cooling in summer, the air quality index developed by Dyson shows data on the current indoor air.

The DeLonghi Pinguino* is an air conditioner with a closed cooling circuit and cooling system, making it one of the comparatively environmentally friendly air conditioners. It also acts as a dehumidifier and is advertised by the manufacturer as particularly quiet and allergy-friendly.

Pure fans* can also ensure a more pleasant room climate in summer – they are usually cheap and easy to operate because they only generate an air flow.

A pillar fan, such as that from Brandson*, is a stylish and space-saving alternative to the classic, round pedestal fan*. The Brandson model is not only equipped with different speeds, but also has different ventilation modes. It can be operated via an LED display as well as via the supplied remote control.

Tip: In order to avoid health problems such as irritated eyes, a stiff neck or dry mucous membranes, fans should not be used while you are sleeping or should be placed in the immediate vicinity for a long time.

In order to save energy and prevent the rooms from heating up from the outset, you should observe the following in summer:

On particularly hot, not muggy days, the following DIY tip is also recommended: Hang up a damp bed sheet and point a fan* at it – this way you distribute fresh, cool and moist air throughout the room and ensure a pleasant climate.

Tip: The purchase of thermal roller blinds* can also be very useful to lower the temperature at home in the summer months. The coating on the back of the roller blind reflects sunlight so that living spaces heat up less in summer. They also have the advantage that they keep the cold air outside in winter. Alternatively, a sun protection film* could also be considered, which is glued directly to the window – a good and simple solution, especially for south-facing windows.

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This article was first published on 06/18/2020.