In Tula the nurse in her swimsuit, stood up to the Governor and the chief

For Tula the nurse, who wore a transparent suit over the underwear, stood the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin and the chief doctor of the hospital.

the head physician of the Tula regional clinical hospital Anna Savishcheva told RIA Novosti that the nurse is a good employee and a professional, she assists at a high enough level. In the clinic it is valued as a good employee and a professional.

According to the doctor, when the girl’s photo hit the net, contacted the Governor to support. Alex Dyumin arrived at the hospital and thanked all the doctors and her in particular. “His position — the doctors deserve credit for their work, and not censure for his appearance, said Savishcheva. – And is the position of our hospital. We appreciate, thank and cherish our employees who risk their lives to save people.” The nurse continues to work at the hospital.

the photo of the girl in a translucent suit appeared on the website of the local newspaper. The sent one of the patients. According to him, patients against such a suit did not object.