In Ukraine declared a day of mourning for the victims of the crash Boeing in Iran

In Ukraine today is a day of mourning after the collapse of the liner in Iran. This became known at the end of the operational meeting held by the President of the country. Vladimir Zelensky reported on the preliminary results of the work of the Commission.

the Likely conclusions to the press also shared in Western intelligence agencies. How to write the news Agency, the plane crashed due to engine overheating. At this point that the version with a direct rocket hit is excluded.

the Airliner crashed the day before immediately after departure from Tehran. The Board belonged to the airline of Ukraine. Killing all passengers and crew of 176 people. The tragedy was discovered the flight data recorders. Decryption of data will take place in Iran, where, however, the Commission will make final conclusions about the causes of the crash.

Countries whose citizens were on Board, opened a criminal case. More than 60 of the passengers were Canadians. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Ottawa does not want to speculate on the subject, and are willing to participate in the investigation.