In Uruguay seized a shipment of cocaine worth more than $ 1 billion

on Friday, December 27, the government of Uruguay reported the seizure of containers of 4.4 tons of cocaine in the port of Montevideo. Later in the Department of Soriano was withdrawn a ton of the drug. The cost of the party exceeded $ 1 billion.

As said the head of customs of Uruguay, it was the largest in the history of the country of confiscation.

Pressed pellets of cocaine weighing 4417,7 kgs in containers of soy beans and had to go to the African port of lomé (capital of Togo), reports RIA Novosti.

a Little later as a result of joint intelligence operations in the Department of Soriano on the South-West of Uruguay (from there the containers arrived in the port of Montevideo) managed to detain the owners of the loading station of the father and of the son, and to seize one ton of cocaine.

this year, this is not the first large shipment of cocaine that was intercepted in Uruguay or on the way from him. 20 November in the port of Montevideo, the police seized more than 3 tons in August during the inspection of the vessel, which was flying from Uruguay to Belgium, in the port of Hamburg seized about 4.5 tons. In may in France was detained a private jet, which flew from Carrasco international airport. On Board was discovered 603 kilograms of the drug.