In Velikie Luki the center for the treatment of COVID-19

In Velikie Luki in Pskov region intend to open the region’s second medical center for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. This will relieve the hospital of Pskov. In the preparation of the premises assists the brigade of the Moscow doctors, they share experience with local colleagues.

five days in Velikie Luki will open the second in the region Kovid center. Then patients of the southern districts of the region will need to take treatment in Pskov. The situation in the medical institutions of the city was evaluated by team doctors in Moscow, Deputy Governor Vera Yemelyanova and the Chairman of regional Committee on public health Marina Garashchenko.

Thoroughly, several hours specialized team examined the medical institutions of the city. The conclusion of the Moscow physicians is clear: to treat cases of coronavirus in Velikie Luki you can. Under Kovid center will give part of the body to the Hospital, 10.

“what we discussed today and looked. Yes, this is the most convenient and efficient option, because there is, in addition to the regular beds, and even intensive care beds, that is, oxygen and all that is necessary for the treatment of patients with this infection”, — assured Oleg Chernysh, head of a detachment of the brigades of specialized medical care research Institute SP them. N. In. Sklifosofskiy.

Located here offices will be transferred to the hospital corps on Pushkin, five. In preparation to move the next two days. “Free the one floor wing. Wash. On Monday, I think quickly on Monday will start to move. And on Monday and Tuesday to take out the patients out of here, just doing the final disinfection and arrangement of furniture and equipment”, — said Elena Nikanorova, the chief Velikie Luki on the hospital.

exactly How many beds will be deployed in Kovid center, is now being discussed. An approximate figure — one hundred fifty. Importantly, the conditions for the treatment to apply. Experts believe, from the very beginning we need to clearly divide the room in clean and dirty areas, to make the decontamination stations and gateways to reduce the probability of infection of medical personnel. It’s not enough.

“taking into account the existing conditions and staffing is probably the most difficult will be to choose the staff. Or rather, to reorient the staff to work in Kovid center”, — says Oleg Chernysh, head of a detachment of the brigades of specialized medical care research Institute SP them. N. In. Sklifosovsky
In that region need a second Kovid center, doctors no doubt. The number of cases of the Asian virus has increased dramatically, including in the South. To accept the first patients expect after five days.