In Vladimir ambulances, not enough gasoline

Vladimir ambulances are not enough petrol. It is reported by the GTRK “Vladimir”, aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

According to workers outreach, beginning July 1, the machine is directed to the “new” refills. And from that day began to have problems: fuel to these gas stations were not. 20 p.m., the gasoline appeared only on one (on the street Dobroselsky). However, by this time the vehicles are unable to get there, as the last gas station they had about a day ago.

currently, cars can refuel only at two gas stations on the Lower Dubrova and Dobroselsky. But, as the drivers before they get uncomfortable, because medical institutions are located mainly in the center. In addition, gasoline also leaves much to be desired. And one of the gas stations in General is in poor condition. Ambulance staff hope that their complaints will hear the management of health facilities.

Text: GTRK “Vladimir”