In Vladimir will pass the verdict to the former Vice-Governor Dmitry Khvostov

Leninsky district court of Vladimir today should pronounce a sentence to the former Vice-Governor of Vladimir region for the construction of Dmitry Khvostov. He is accused of receiving a large bribe, informs GTRK “Vladimir”, aired on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Recall, the Tails in November 2018 was sentenced to 11 years in prison and a fine of 28 million. He was accused of bribery in the total amount of 20 million rubles. Just Khvostov, was charged with four episodes of receiving bribes from developers in Vladimir, and we are talking not only about large amounts of money, but also real estate. Ex-official detained in Krasnodar on 26 October.

In February 2020, the Deputy Governor filed another charge. We are talking about accepting bribes from the developer. The consequence considers that in 2015 the Tails hushed up the episode with the collapse of a stairwell in one of the construction houses two expensive iPhone. And appreciated their assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for the construction of 10 million rubles.

Text: GTRK “Vladimir”