In Vladivostok, an unidentified maniac puncture the wheels of cars

Dozens of motorists in Vladivostok are unable to go anywhere. Their car was suddenly paralyzed — had been punctured wheel. Who and why mutilated cars around the city, investigated by the police. Were you able to find any leads?

to fulfill this request, the police didn’t even have to go anywhere. Minus two wheels here. Minus two wheels there. Right under the camera Department.

in Time, no one had noticed. While Vladivostok slept after the New year, someone was stabbed hundreds of tires. And these machines all over the city – dozens.

Unknown did Not make an exception even for the carriage of intensive care. Puncture the rubber, the attacker himself pierced — got into the camera lens. Here he is confidently coming up to one ambulance. Each tire took no more than a few seconds. And now pulls the wheels at the other. In a few minutes the brigade will be sent on an emergency call — woman gasping.

On the street of Kalinin, where is the substation ambulance unknown with a knife walked all the yards. To understand the Motivation of the attacker impossible.

Before the value of machinery and was not the case. An old minivan or sedan newer — cut everything in sight. Went under the knife and low profile sports tires. Cars not lucky enough to be at this time in this place.

the Injured motorists now one way — in the automobile. But on foot.