In Volgograd in the former Department store and will erect a new modern Museum

Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova is on a working trip to Volgograd. There she was shown the former Central Department store. However, he has long lost its former greatness; which year his rooms are empty. By decision of the Governor of the city now there is a new modern Museum.

the Building of the Central Department store for many years was considered the hallmark of the city on the Volga. First opened its doors in June 1938. During the battle of Stalingrad was badly damaged and restored. And in the 90s from former glory has not disappeared. The premises occupied by the pawn shops and other outlets.

a Few years ago and the building is empty. Judicial proceedings for return the Central Department store in the state the property stretched on for months. In March of this year, Governor Andrey Bocharov took the key decision: the Department needs to become a modern centre of culture and art. The premises handed over to the Museum of a name of Mashkov.

“the Museum is filled with extra features that will enthrall all the visitors, even our visitors with disabilities. And when we introduced this concept, it was approved. Tactical and technical requirements prepared on the basis of this concept,” says Barbara Serina, Director of the Volgograd Museum of fine arts. I. I. Mashkov.

In the Museum there are exhibition halls, but the establishment are closely — it is impossible to show all the exhibits that are stored in the vaults, and it is 11 thousand works of world art and culture. The TSUM building in the course of his working trip visited the Minister of culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova.

“It must be a single Museum complex, which must meet the highest standards, including safety and exposure, possible people to accommodate. This is a General plan. And I believe that we can put together a good project,” — said the Governor of the Volgograd region Andrei Bocharov.

Minister of culture introduced the concept of budwegon the development of the Museum’s work. Andrey Bocharov drew attention to the formation in the centre of Volgograd, a unique cultural site, which includes museums, theaters and other public spaces. In recent years there is landscaping. Olga Lyubimova work in this direction is approved, paying special attention to the project of the childhood Home of the former cinema “Victory”.

“There are some activities that we discussed for the future. I think one of the main and expected — is a puppet theater…” — said the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova.

in addition, the Minister of culture of Russia got acquainted with the expositions of the Museum “Memory”, which is located in the basement of TSUM. She noted that usage at the site to entirely new, modern solutions allow more interested children and adults. Work on the creation of a modern Museum and theater facilities will be continued.