In Volgograd the recidivist cut helped his mother

Three convicted inhabitant of Volgograd has refused to pay the fare in a taxi and attacked with a knife on the driver. The injured woman, the mother of three children, was taken to hospital, where he put in a couple dozen stitches.

the Tragedy occurred on the evening of 2 January in the village of Angarskiy — end point of the route “Yandex.Taxi”. Initially, the car sat three people — a woman and two men who, according to the news Agency “Height 102” long running around the city in search of a decent pawn shop. In the end in the cabin was only 39-year-old suspect, he asked to be taken to the street Timofeeva.

“at the place he refused to pay what Lena wrote to work chat. Then sent an SMS: “Retreat, paid”. But after a few minutes, at 23:14, she reported that she was cut,” — said a colleague of the victim.

According to Helena, from her attacker saved her drank at the entrance people: men quickly laid on the pavement of the aggressor. By the time the medics get the entire passenger compartment of the car was drenched in blood, already in the hospital the taxi driver put on the face a few dozen stitches, now to her life threatens nothing.

the Assailant has been detained, it appeared to be three times convicted local resident.