In Vologda detained the man suspected of killing eight month old daughter

Militiamen detained 28-the summer man who is suspected of killing his daughter, about it reports a press-service SK of the Russian Federation in the Vologda oblast.

According to authorities, on January 13 near the entrance of the bakery in the 2nd Turundaevsky lane in Vologda was discovered car “IZH” in the cabin which in a cradle was the child’s corpse.

it Was established that the death of seventeen-month-old victim had a violent character, her body found bruises and abrasions.

“the investigation managed to establish that the deceased child to Vologda dad brought from the village of Shuya mezhdurechenskiy district, where their family”, — told in the UK.

According to preliminary version, the injury proved fatal, was caused still January 11 – in that day a man struck the daughter on the head then left the house. After returning wife told him about her daughter’s death, the body is the father was taken to Vologda.