According to Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD), a successful vaccination campaign before winter would have to reach up to 40 million people. “Ideal would be a vaccination campaign with up to 40 million vaccinated people before winter,” Lauterbach wrote on Twitter on Friday night, echoing statements by virologist Christian Drosten. Lauterbach added: “In winter we have to be very well prepared, otherwise there will be chaos.”

The head of the virology department at the Berlin Charité told the “Spiegel” in an interview published on Thursday evening: “We should be able to immunize up to 40 million people again before winter or provide them with a booster vaccination,” said Drosten . “It would really make a difference.”

It is important that the funds available to date are used in the fight against the corona pandemic, emphasized Drosten. Old people should be vaccinated four times. “We should also make full use of the framework that exists in Germany for child vaccinations, which is far from being the case. All others should be at least three times and, if desired, four times vaccinated.”

There will be a new vaccination campaign in the fall. According to Lauterbach, it is already in exchange with the vaccine manufacturers.