In Yekaterinburg, check the garden, where a drunken teacher was asleep in a crib

the Prosecutor’s office checks the incident that occurred in one of kindergartens of Ekaterinburg. The teacher, she is Director of the private kindergarten got drunk and fell asleep in bed one of his players.

“the Prosecutor’s office of area carries out an inspection, during which we will sample individual entrepreneur, given a legal assessment of its actions for compliance with the requirements of the legislation, – the Ministry reported. – If there are grounds will be taken prosecutorial response.”

As told in Prosecutor’s office, the parents brought the children aged 2 to 4 years in the garden at 7:30 a.m. and returned an hour later. As it turned out, in their absence, the teacher put the children to bed, and she was drinking alcohol and fell asleep too – unlike children, who began to play around. The father of one of the kids filmed it on video and posted the video on the social network.

“Here is our upbringing in kindergartens. I want to see – not free”, – quotes the author of the video portal E1.

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Publish from E1.RU | Yekaterinburg Online ( Jun 15, 2020 at 1:50 PM PDT

According to the information portal, before the parents did not notice for a teacher of such behavior. Her private garden parents praised.

it is Reported that the police have engaged a tutor to responsibility under articles of the administrative code of the emergence in a state of intoxication in public places (part 1 of article 20.21) and failure to comply with rules of conduct under the regime of high alert (part 1 of article 20.6.1).