In Yekaterinburg, presented state awards to three of the Sverdlovsk teenagers

heroes of our time became more. In Yekaterinburg, presented state awards to the children who risk to himself saved the lives of others, reports GTRK “Ural”.

On the day he became a hero, Serge Crooks does not like to talk. As pulled out of the fire closest to the people, trying to forget the whole year. “At the moment, I don’t know, thought only of relatives. Feared, worried about them, then something, somehow. It’s been a year. One would have to forget it as a nightmare, but not impossible”, – says a resident of the town Sergey Crooks.

the Tragedy happened a year ago, one early morning in January. The short in the old wiring. A few minutes and the fire completely engulfed the wooden housing. Sergei was awakened by the smoke, when the fire has cut a path to the exit. Not a loss, 14-year-old began the evacuation through the window. First pulled his younger brother and sister, then went back for grandma.

For heroism this fall, Sergey was awarded a medal of the Sverdlovsk Ministry of emergency situations. And today, a feat estimated at the state level, awarded medal “For saving life”.

“Nothing in this life does not arise from nothing. If the guys at the critical moment of life could find the strength, courage, bravery, it was probably soaked in those family ties, and to have those family traditions that they had,” said a member of the Federation Council Arkady Chernetsky.

Together with Sergey honorary diplomas from the Russian Union of rescuers today get two Sverdlovsk teenager. Seventh-grader Pavel Spirin, a resident of the village of Pervomayskaya, found in the forest of the lost five year old boy and returned him home. A 13-year-old mark Bankin from Nizhny Tagil saved his neighbor when he was in captivity fire of the burning grass.

“actually, I don’t consider the act heroic, because I even don’t tried to tell. In my place would have done any passer-by” – says a resident of Nizhny Tagil mark Bankin.

Sverdlovsk teenagers already included in the national list of child characters. Along with them there are now 292 names.

Text: STRC “Ural”