In Zhigulevsk has discovered a unique burial of the IV century

Unique burial of the IV century BC found in Zhigulevsk. The object is the first in the Samara region the funerary complex of the ancient imenkov culture. In the world there are burials, there are only 9.

we will Remind, work on the archaeological site “selishte Zhigulevsk II” began in the fall of last year. At the moment, experts examined 316 square meters. Mainly found bones and fragments of pottery(gray-brown). Judging by the traces of soot, presumably, it was used for cooking, reports GTRK “Samara”.

Note that the burial site had found many other interesting objects, among them part of the decorations, stone hammer case metal fasteners for clothing and stones with traces of economic use. During the excavations it was also found burial. It is known that the remains were cremated.

After the completion of the exhibits will be able to see everyone. In 2021 they will be transferred to the Fund of the Museum named after P. I. Alabina.

Text: GTRK “Samara”