Incident with Mi-8: the helicopter had 13 children

On Board the Mi-8 helicopter which made an emergency landing on the Taimyr Peninsula, there were 13 children.

As has informed Agency “Interfax” the head of the interim administration of the rural settlement Khatanga Anna Betto, the children of hunter-herders who are studying in boarding school in Khatanga. They were returning from the house where he was on vacation.

the Landing was successful. The press service of the regional Ministry of health reported that children have no scratches, no bruises, everyone is fine. Soon they will take back helicopter. For the health of all students will observe hospital chief of staff in Khatanga.

the Mi-8, belonging to airline “KrasAvia” was flying from the Northern village of syndasko in Khatanga. On Board were 14 passengers and three crew members. The reason for the forced landing was the failure of one of two engines. Currently, the air temperature in the area of emergency — minus 27 degrees.