Tick-tock, it will soon no longer be possible to modify your tax return. For those who do it on paper, you have less than ten days left. Sending the form on paper is reserved for people who do not have access to the Imposs.gouv.fr website or the Imposs.gouv application.

By midnight on May 21, 2024, the deadline will have passed. For those who do it online, the delay is longer.

For others, the deadline will vary depending on your department of residence. These zones are divided into three parts.

If you have missed the deadline, a 10% increase in income tax will be applied. A formal notice will also be sent. An “act by which a creditor demands from the debtor the repayment of a debt under penalty of payment of damages. Addressed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by bailiff’s deed,” specifies the Public Service.

An increase of 20% will be applied in the event of late filing of the declaration within 30 days following the formal notice.

Finally, an increase of 40% will be applied when the declaration has not been filed within 30 days following receipt of a formal notice.