Increase penalties for speeding caused a wave of attacks against traffic cameras

Road complexes photo and video fixation in the suburbs urgently be equipped with a monitoring system. This is the least problematic: cameras are increasingly being subjected to attacks by vandals. The reason for the increase in the number of fines for speeding. Now it is useless to slow down in front of the lens, the complexes are taught to calculate the average speed.

In this camera shot from a hunting rifle 5 times. And the complex video surveillance is actually riddled with Pneumatics. Every second the attack is with a weapon. And very often the vandals threatened to destroy not only equipment.

“Last, it was here that shot with the car all glass, Bochin was shot, I flew up the pieces. Cut. Yelled, called me names, threatened with a pistol,” — says Vyacheslav Gubanov, the operator of the mobile complex of photo and video recordings.

And these stories only for six months, more than 150. The number of attacks on the systems has doubled.

the most attacked mobile systems — a half times more often than stationary. Many drivers believe that these cars can move, even during the week, though in the course of the month, where and when you want. But it’s not. Data on the deployment of each machine is strictly controlled by the traffic police. The location of the vehicle determined at the month, otherwise the penalties of such a complex will be invalid.

Cameras have long not hiding in the bushes, their location is determined by the navigators. Everything is done to avoid accidental penalties. But “letters” to violators suddenly began to come much more. And this is the explanation: punished now not only on the fact of abuse, but based on average speed. Andrew after a trip to the cottage for the may holidays received 12 orders from a single stretch of road.

“You get the resolution where there is one photo of beginning of the parcel (there is no speed is specified, it indicated only time), and the second photo with a different camera (there is also a specified time). At the bottom of the solution of mathematical puzzles", — says Andrey Osipov.

Dividing the distance by the time, the system was given average speed. It, according to the paper, Andrew exceeded twice.

“that’s Enough for two portions you exceed the speed, as it was in my case, as the third penalty you will receive for a repeated violation under the relevant article. Increase acts of vandalism because people see no other way to Express their negative attitude to what is happening”, — says Andrey Osipov.

There are precedents for fines obtained by fixing the average speed, the drivers challenged. But such units.

“This is a concrete solution. We do not have case law. The concept of “average speed” neither the code nor the rules of the road are not spelled out,” explains auto expert Igor Morzharetto.

However, the facts of violation of the average speed recorded, the data sent in the traffic police, where they continue to impose fines.

“It is, rather, not illegal, it’s just a gap that needed to be addressed. To punish the innocent is impossible, and complexes average speed exclude the possibility of overstating the speed or the punishment of the innocent”, — said Konstantin Agureev, the representative of the company to service complex fixing.

to Destroy the camera in disagreement with the new method of fixing penalties is not just meaningless, say the auto experts, but dangerous. For property damage will be discharged not only fine with the compensation, which can reach up to five million rubles, a crime. Cheaper to go by the rules.

in addition, the identity of the vandals is installed in 90 percent of cases, due to outside observation and additional cameras, which now appeared on the complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey. And perhaps the most important point: despite the comments, thanks to these complexes of accidents on the regional roads has been reduced by a quarter and the death toll only for the six months fell by a third.

Text: “To Conduct-Moscow”