Increase revenue: Putin set objectives for 2020 in the Arena

Less than a day Vladimir Putin will address with the annual Message to the Federal Assembly. In it, according to the Constitution, the President assesses the state of Affairs in the country and defines the main directions of domestic and foreign policy. This time, as reported by the President, he intends to pay particular attention to the problem of increase of incomes of Russians. The place of announcement of the message will be the Central exhibition hall “Manege”.

Huge room — fifteen hundred seats for members of the Federation Council, State Duma deputies, Ministers and governors. On 15 January they will be here to listen to every word of the President, then to each of them at their post, was able to translate these words into deeds for the benefit of the Russians.

the Crews of the mobile units and workers, and decorators have a few days to build the stage, to refurbish the hall and install equipment. Lighting designer again checks every instrument: balance, power, direction.

“All things considered. The screens will display some information. We are also going to rehearse. Hard to say what the details will appear tonight. This message has to be unexpected for all,” — said the Deputy chief producer of the TV channel “Russia 1” Alexander Kormilitsin.

the Message to work a little easier, are recognized as sound and video engineers and producers than on a Direct line with the President, where many points around the country and many guests in the Studio, or at a Big press conference where you have to manage to find in the great hall of the one asking the questions, bring the camera, to focus. The message of one speaker — the President is accountable to the entire country, poses new challenges. And he listens to a huge hall. But on the other hand, in the hall all the famous faces. Everybody knows them. And then they will ask the Russians, as true orders of the head of state?

“Prescribed control knob brightness of the screen,” explains, what is now doing, the operator panel displays Dmitry Tselkin.

— For what equipment?

“This is for larger screens, which stand, respectively, on the stage with us. Now with the representatives of TV will the brightness of the screens to configure,” continues the operator of the remote.

From RTR for such a large event works as a coordinated team, proven over the years. They have plenty of travel with the President throughout the country.

“this panel will sit by the Director. And he has a relationship with each camera, he seems to be in command of the operators”, — says head of mobile television technology Alex Butikov.

In the lobby of the Arena — exhibition, it reflected the brightest moments of 2019. The invited guests, pending Messages, can you recall once again reflect on the most important events of the past year. For example, a record harvest, the growth of the volunteer movement, the introduction of new highway between the two capitals.

the continuing interest in the event among journalists. And every year it only increases.

by the Way, the press center has become noticeably more spacious. If the last time for journalists took only part of the premises where it was, I confess, closely, now under the press gave the entire first floor of the Arena.

And the reporters first with the dawn begin to tell your audience about one of the main events of the year.

January 15, 2020 at noon Moscow time the President addressed a Message to the Federal Assembly. TV channels “Russia” and “Russia 24” will broadcast live. Don’t miss out!