Indian seen enough movies with seelowe, climbed to kiss a Cobra and was bitten on the lips

a Resident of South India named Sonu began to kiss with Cobra, imitating the behavior of a professional snake charmers, which he looked at numerous videos.

the Agency Newsflare posted a video with a reckless man, saying that the incident occurred on December 22. Published footage shows that the Cobra did not appreciate the unceremonious courtship and, without thinking, grabbed the man’s lips.

Sona she didn’t lose control, caught the reptile and put it in the bag. Soon, the bitten man was taken to hospital where he was injected with a serum against snake poison. The Cobra was taken to a nearby forest and released.

Later, a professional snake catchers said that the UPDF act was stupid and he made a lot of mistakes in the handling of Cobra.