Indicator of the purity of the bays in the Sevastopol sea became ruff

Which of the bays in Sevastopol cleaner and less exposed to the negative effects? To answer these questions the scientists of the Institute of biology of southern seas named after A. O. Kovalevsky helped a marine ruff. More precisely — his liver. The fact that this fish is a very good indicator of pollution of the black sea water. Biochemical parameters of liver ruff is possible to determine how polluted the coast.

it turned Out that the waters of the Bay Cossack cleaner than Streletskaya bays and Alexander. The ruff living in the two last detected negative changes in the liver, said Irina Chesnokova, senior research associate, Department of ichthyology Inbuy.

Indicators of liver ruff are very informative for determining the degree of contamination of the water as fish habitat. Institute scientists plan to use this criterion for bioindicative research on the sea coast, as well as in other reservoirs, reports the information service “News.Sevastopol”.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol