Instagram get rid of the irritant

the Developers of Instagram will be removed from the main app screen button to navigate to IGTV, which contains long videos. The service, which was launched in the summer of 2018 to compete with YouTube, actually may soon close.

the IGTV Icon appeared in the upper right corner of the main screen Instagram, near the icon with a message Direct. New item annoy users, and as now acknowledged in the company, has not yet been claimed. In Instagram explained that “most people find the content IGTV with previews in the main feed, channel IGTV to Explore, user profiles, and independent application.” The IGTV icon in the corner of the screen, said TechCrunch in a press-service, “push very few”.

Own “TV” Instagram earned in June 2018. It was intended for competition with YouTube: in IGTV users can publish vertical rollers with length up to 1 hour, to put huskies, write comments and send links to friends in Direct. Videohub arranged like a real TV “channels” of content creators, which you are subscribed.

a Novelty has taken cold in the 18 months since the launch of the IGTV a standalone application downloaded only 7 million people from more than a billion audience Instagram. For comparison, the TikTok during the same period, downloaded 1.15 billion times (data from Sensor Tower).

User tried to lure in a new service including through specialized buttons inside the main Instagram app. However, the company did not provide content authors no opportunity for direct earnings in IGTV. Unlike YouTube or Facebook Watch there it is impossible to receive revenues from display advertising, to sell paid subscriptions or make donuts, like in Twitch or Patreon. It is possible that the project will subsequently be closed.

Text: To.Hi-tech