Institute of influenza, gathering volunteers: the vaccine will experience before the autumn wave of the coronavirus

More than a hundred leading institutions and laboratories Russia joined the development of effective agents against coronavirus COVID-19. 8 domestic developments the who has recognized promising. Main question: when vaccination COVID-19 will appear on farmrynke and will be massively available. About what are the requirements for volunteers who will feel vaccinated against coronavirus, in an exclusive interview to the channel “Russia 1” said the head of the St. Petersburg Institute of influenza, Dmitry Lioznov.

– good news received from your institution. The influenza Institute has announced a set of volunteers to test the vaccine that you are developing. Please tell us how many people and what are the requirements?

“Now we have declared a set of volunteers, search volunteers. But it is primarily aimed at all the has not to our vaccine, and the vaccine of our colleagues. If to say about our vaccine, but now it is at the development stage. We are now working even more on colleagues, having a base of volunteers who will, as soon as will be ready the preparations to begin the study,” explains the acting Director of the influenza research Institute named after A. A. Smorodintseva Dmitry Lioznov.

– Tell us more about these volunteers, how old are they?

“Everything is designed to not to cause any harm to the participants of the study — whether it concerns the health of volunteers or patients who are already involved in the research. Requirements for volunteers are people aged 18 years. Usually till about 55 years. Further — they need to be healthy. We will carry out all necessary laboratory examination, medical examination in order to not work so that someone is not surveyed, and with some kind of pathology involved in the study, and it brought him harm,” continued the Deputy Director of the influenza research Institute.

– People who recover from coronavirus, can be a volunteer?

“I will be Talking primarily about the volunteers who were not ill toranaviruses infection. And this will be used tests for detection of antibodies to just cut off those who have already suffered the disease and, accordingly, do not need it now. At least, such selection to determine the vaccines, so we can estimate the immune response!, — continues to Dmitry Lioznov.

Many compared the influenza virus and coronavirus. And came to the conclusion. they are totally different. Why did you decide to develop a vaccine based on the influenza virus?

“When we talk about the vaccine, the flu virus, which we take, carries a completely different function, not because it is similar or not similar. The flu virus used here is a special — weakened version, and it is used as a vector. Moreover we take not the whole flu virus, we take only the conservative part, which can be used for entry into cells. And here to this part of the flu virus, we attach a piece of one of the proteins of the coronavirus, which is not dangerous in terms of disease but will induce an immune response,” explains Dmitry Lioznov.

What happens next? We are now seeing is very modest, but still fall in incidence. What do you think, will we be able to autumn to talk about the victory over coronavirus or should we expect a second wave?

“still, most experts are inclined to think that not only to fall, at all about winning in the near future, at least before the advent of vaccines, we precisely can not, — says acting Director, Institute of influenza, Dmitry Lioznov. Autumn is respiratory infections, including respiratory viral infections. And again, we expect the flu. Again expected other pathogens. I will take the opportunity, recommend to prepare for a flu vaccination to everyone. Who wants to, can definitely be vaccinated. The second autumn wave is likely to come. And here, perhaps just a combination of coronavirus infection with other pathogens”.